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How To Check And Print NYSC Call-Up Letter On Your Phone

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In this post, I am going to quickly teach you how you can view and download your NYSC call-Up letter right on your phone. This is because we have been getting messages from PCMs claiming they are unable to see their call-Up letter on their dashboard.

All you need to be able to print your NYSC call-Up letter from your smartphone is Google Chrome or any browser and an internet connection.

Below is a step by step guide on how to easily print your NYSC call-up letter from your smartphone.

The First thing is to CLICK HERE to go to the NYSC Portal. Then pick it up from there:

STEP 1: Login with your email and password

STEP 2: Close the pop-up screen message

STEP 3: Just scroll down and keep scrolling down till you see the next image below

STEP 4: Click on print Call-Up letter

STEP 5: Click Open

STEP 6: A message will pop asking you to download call-up letter. Download and that's it.

I hope you get this tutorial. Use the comment box below if you have further challenges.

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