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General Discussion / Tricks To Check Call-up Letter When Portal Is Not Loading
« Last post by apeiron24 on October 17, 2021, 04:01:40 PM »
So due to the traffic and many people that are trying to check and print their Call-up letter at thesame time with you, the NYSC Portal might be slowing down or not responding or even not loading.

There is a little tweak that will do the magic and allow you login very fast.

The default NYSC login portal is https://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc1/

This link above is what everybody will rush to at first because its the default link to login. Because thousands of people are checking that link above, the traffics get too much and it begins to hang or slow.

The little trick that will change everything is to use any of these links below.


Use these links above and you will be able to login easily and very fast.

General Discussion / How To Check And Print NYSC Call-Up Letter On Your Phone
« Last post by apeiron24 on October 17, 2021, 03:45:34 PM »

In this post, I am going to quickly teach you how you can view and download your NYSC call-Up letter right on your phone. This is because we have been getting messages from PCMs claiming they are unable to see their call-Up letter on their dashboard.

All you need to be able to print your NYSC call-Up letter from your smartphone is Google Chrome or any browser and an internet connection.

Below is a step by step guide on how to easily print your NYSC call-up letter from your smartphone.

The First thing is to CLICK HERE to go to the NYSC Portal. Then pick it up from there:

STEP 1: Login with your email and password

STEP 2: Close the pop-up screen message

STEP 3: Just scroll down and keep scrolling down till you see the next image below

STEP 4: Click on print Call-Up letter

STEP 5: Click Open

STEP 6: A message will pop asking you to download call-up letter. Download and that's it.

I hope you get this tutorial. Use the comment box below if you have further challenges.

General Discussion / NYSC 2021 Batch C All States Groups - Join & Connect
« Last post by apeiron24 on October 17, 2021, 03:39:19 PM »

Congratulations to you all as the NYSC Call-up letter is out and I assume you already know your state by now. 

Below are the states groups for you to join and connect with others. Connection with others deployed to the same state can really help and make you feel among. You could travel together, make friends even before camp, and just connect and hook up.

We are using Telegram because security control is higher than WhatsApp. We have recorded a lot of PCM being scammed and left broken based on the low-security features on managing WhatsApp groups and we have to move to telegram to have more members and have more controls.

Whatsapp only takes 257 members while telegram can go as much as 200,000 members. We have got you covered and nobody will scam you under our watch.

You can download Telegram from Playstore/Appstore. It's easy to use and it's just like WhatsApp. Please, help us to help you. CLICK HERE to Download Telegram directly from playstore and install it. iPhone users should search for it on appstore.

All States Telegram Group Rules

  • No spamming
  • No Pornography, racial discrimination, Ponzi and betting advertisement
  • Do NOT send money to anyone. Many people will join just to extort you based on redeployment issue. If you fall for it, we are not responsible o.
  • Block Anyone who sends you a private message from the group asking for money.
  • Trust the admin and be free to ask them anything.
  • The group is filled with new people like you, so get along
  • Be interesting and respectful in the group
  • Be mature
  • Feel free and feel among
  • Don’t send recharge card to anyone for any information.

Locate, Click and join your deployed state Group below: ALL links are working correctly. 

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once again. Follow us on Instagram so that we can repost your camp memories. CLICK HERE to follow us on Instagram. 

Stay connected! 

General Discussion / NYSC Batch C 2021 Batch C Call Up Letter is Out - Check & Print
« Last post by apeiron24 on October 17, 2021, 03:15:45 PM »
Congratulations to you all as the official NYSC Call-up letter for Batch C 2021 is finally out. This means that you can now login to your dashboard and check or print your NYSC Call-up letter.

The NYSC Call-up letter is a piece of document that will reveal to you your state of deployment. Click the link below to login and check or print your letter. Then check below for links to all states groups to join and connect with people posted to same place.  You can CLICK HERE to learn how to check and print your call-up letter on your smartphone.


We have created all 36 states groups with telegram. Managing 36 states WhatsApp group at once is not advisable and not good for our health and also scammers and spammers are hard to deal with on a WhatsApp group. So we decided to use telegram groups.

So please and please, everybody should download Telegram from playstore/appstore and install it. Telegram is like WhatsApp but gives more controls especially in moderating a group. Kindly download Telegram now and install it.


Congratulations once again.
You try to verify your name on the NYSC Portal and the error you are seeing Infront of your name is Has Not Been Matriculated. (You cannot register, contact your Institution).

This can be so annoying and you start asking questions and searching for how to fix this error.

The error of Has Not Been Matriculated. (You cannot register, contact your Institution) is not a new thing in NYSC and the solution is simple and straight forward.

The solution to this error is to contact your school and tell them about the error. This might be because your name is not on the matriculation list. However, the simple solution to this is to inform your school.

Your institution will give you further information on how to fix this. They might even fix it for you.

I hope this question is solved!
NYSC Questions & Answers / When Is Batch C Going To Camp? - SOLVED
« Last post by apeiron24 on October 11, 2021, 03:00:04 PM »
After NYSC registration, the next question is always, when is Batch C going to camp. This questions is always trending as people want to prepare and get ready for camp to begin.

The current batch right now is Batch C 2021. And the answer to the question is we don't know for now.

The NYSC Orientation camp date is always included in the NYSC timetable but as we don't have a timetable for this batch yet, we will only know the camp date once the call-up letter is out.

Its either the management make an announcement or we all wait till call-up letter is out.
NYSC Questions & Answers / When Is The Best Time To Print The NYSC Green Card?
« Last post by apeiron24 on October 11, 2021, 02:58:22 PM »
When is the best time to print nysc green card is a questions that some people are searching for an answer to and this thread will provide you with the best answer.

The best time to print the NYSC Green card is to print it together with the NYSC Call-up letter.

The NYSC Green card is only required at the Orientation Camp. Its not useful for any other thing apart from the Orientation camp.

If you print it now, you will keep it somewhere till you print the call-up letter with it. So the best advice is to leave it on your dashboard, and print it when the call-up letter is out.

Print both together and proceed to the Orientation camp. I'm sure I have answered the questions of When Is The Best Time To Print The NYSC Green Card?

If you have anything to say or ask, use the reply button below.
NYSC Registration / Re: Payment issues
« Last post by apeiron24 on October 11, 2021, 07:42:31 AM »
Give it some moments. It will reflect
NYSC Registration / Payment issues
« Last post by Nafsid on October 08, 2021, 01:57:32 PM »
I made payment some minutes back and it's yet to reflect. What could be the cause
General Discussion / NYSC Registration Portal For Batch C 2021 Is Open
« Last post by apeiron24 on October 06, 2021, 09:28:06 AM »
The NYSC registration portal for batch C 2021 just opened and we are all wondering what is going on. Going to the NYSC portal just to check what's going on and boom! we realized that the portal is open for both fresh registration and revalidation for people who belong to the previous batch.

Please and please, kindly read between the lines to avoid panics and misunderstanding.

According to the NYSC portal, the online registration duration is From 06/10/2021 To 10/10/2021. That is from today till Sunday.

This is just so funny because no official mobilization yet, no senate list is uploaded on the NYSC portal, not all institutions have released their senate list.
 Click the image attachment below to see clearly.
Please do not panic, this is probably a glitch or an error from the system but we need to speak with our sources before we can confirm the error.

Kindly stay calm and let us speak to the management so as to know what is going on. Please and please, stay calm and wait for our updates.

CLICK HERE to go to the dashboard and see by yourself.

If you are yet ti join our Batch C 2021 WhatsApp Group, kindly CLICK HERE TO JOIN for updates and supports.

We will provide more updates after our confirmation. Stay connected! If you have anything to say, kindly use the comment box below.